code for myspace thin scroll box

3. března 2012 v 11:01

Can anyone tell me the code for myspace scrollboxs? . div.myspace-scroll-box {height:100px; width:200px; . how to do myspace scroll box? myspace scroll box type thing?
. in a scroll box on MySpace. Question . HTML and CSS code related tech support. I was thinking about putting my MySpace Friends and Comments sections in a scroll box. . The thing is, I .
. with this MySpace scroll box border code. . into your code for myspace thin scroll box MySpace profile page and change the values to suit. Thin Border. Here's a basic border for your scroll box. In the HTML code, I .
The first thing you should know right off the bat is the default MySpace HTML code is a web . You can use the following code as a basis for adding a scroll box to your MySpace .
I want a scroll box thing for MySpace but can't find the right code. I know it has a specific name but I can't remember what it is. Its not really a scroll box like .
. like, myspace tutorials 2. go there, and the first thing on that code for myspace thin scroll box page is scroll . little scroll things on myspace, Where you
Ok thats my friends w4w code for myspace and she wants in the scroll box for it to be the text so people can copy and paste but in staead it comes up as the pic link thing.
i have the code to put my top friends/comments in a scroll box. . you can also do the same thing . top friends & comments in a scroll box when
. box with no border, Im going to put pics in it and their will just be a scroll thing, NO BORDER! whats tha code?? . com SCROLL BOX CODE . get scroll box codes for myspace?
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What is the code for this myspace scroll box thing? For Myspace whats the code for a scroll box? How do I get a myspace code inside a scroll box?
I want the code where you can change the color of the arrows of your scrolling thing or the scroll bar itself,etc.

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